Investing Psychology – Part 3: Holding – where the growth really happens

September 7, 2020

The key to being patient is not what it seems

From Part 1 – What the market really is to Part 2 – Share price movements we’re now taking a deep dive into to the growth of our investments.

One of the things most investors struggle with is patience; the ability to wait for years and watch their money grow as their shares increase in value. This is true, especially for new investors. Moin and I know this intimately and there are times even now when we lean on each other to resist it.

It may seem easier to be patient when your investment is doing well, but you’d be surprised that it’s not the case. Investors who’ve owned shares in a company for a few months and have watched the company / share price do well are also prone to the pressure of selling.

I know people who are almost addicted to keeping track of share prices. It wears them out. We did this early on too.

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