About Tabarruk

May 19, 2024

About Us

Founded by two friends, Moin Zaman and Fahd Dameer, Tabarruk is committed to nurturing the best ethical investors in Australia, helping anyone learn about investing ethically in companies on the ASX share market.

We hope to connect with all, to ensure no-one gets left behind on the journey to financial freedom.

What We Do

We provide regular content in the form of articles, videos, and updates about the market, including our own folio and watchlist of Australian companies on the ASX sharemarket. We’re completely transparent about our investments and you can watch it growing live.

Together we have over 25 years of experience in investing, finance, business and technology. We’ve consistently achieved market-beating returns and hope to show you how you can do the same by applying the lessons we’ve learned and shared here.

We spend a lot of time understanding the market, macro trends, fundamentals, technicals, market sentiment and conduct extensive research to choose the best long term investment strategies on the ASX.

We’ve combined our methods into a overwhelmingly successful methodology we call the Tabarruk Framework and Screening™ process.

Our Story

We’ve been investing since 2000 and fumbled our way through common investing practices that we thought were sound. As our fathers moved from conventional banking into ethical banking, we began our journey and realised parts of our portfolio and approach were not completely ethical.

We took a few steps and back and started again. Our new knowledge and growth led to Tabarruk was born. 

In our efforts to learn more about ethical companies and investing, we were frustrated with the limited services available and found the barriers of entry were very high.

At Tabarruk we hope to change this narrative and provide everyone with the tools to embark on a similar journey to financial freedom. 

We aim to help people avoid the mistakes we made in our youth and to provide a source of knowledge and insights about investing in the Australian share market with our folio of ASX stocks.

We are especially proud of our commitment to set aside 10% of our net revenue to fund charitable causes.


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