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LOL $26,861 $44,602 163%
WOT $5,641 $9,287 165%
MA8 30 more stocks → 47%
CYA $2,561 $5,862 128%
YOU $1,100 $2,330 111%
YOU $6,995 $6,356 11%
Total $193,756 $210,682 9%

First purchase made on 10th March, 2020

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Masrur Testimonial
My experience in halal investing in Australia is new. To be honest, your site has been a revelation in terms of halal ASX trading. I have not come across any halal asx investment / trading site in Australia. I am not a finance person and I don't have much time to research companies and your website, services and investment idealogy has been extremely helpful. My aim is long term wealth generation and I have chosen to build my portfolio based on some of your ideas. Every month, I invest a portion of my savings into the ASX - I plan to do this as long as I can!
— Masrur
Mobinah Testimonial
I was scarred by stories of people getting burnt and losing a lot of money on the share market. Watching Moin and Fahd explain how to invest, protect the growth while balancing risk with patience has opened up the path to financial freedom for me!
— Mobinah
Azni Testimonial
I came across these guys in AMUST digital magazine. Was new to investing so I started to follow them and finally became a member. What can I say, Masha Allah! Fantastic! They provide detailed information for each company that they invested in along with their LIVE folio. I decided to invest following a similar strategy. From a 4 digit investment, in less than 1 month, it became 5 digits! Insha'Allah I plan to follow Fahd & Moin to become mortgage-free soon. So glad to have found Tabarruk.
— Azni
Manoj Testimonial
I didn’t know anything about the ASX stock market until I joined Tabarruk, in 3 months I have increased my savings and self managed super from 25k to 32.3k by going through their resources. The best thing is, I invest by applying what I learn from Fahd and Moin. I really like the stock information and analysis they provide all in one place. It's a no brainer, the best $95 I've spent in 2020. Love it!
— Manoj
Scott Testimonial
As a beginner to the world of investing, I found Tabarruk my go to guide, when making decisions about growing my wealth. Tabarruk has given me the confidence to take control of my long term financial future. The knowledge Fahd and Moin share through their articles and ‘live folios' make investing an enjoyable and educational process. I look forward to making some extra money with the help of the Tabarruk team
— Scott
Raj Testimonial
Tabarruk has given me the skills and knowledge to achieve financial freedom and secure the future for my children. I am new to the share market, however, I have comfort in leveraging off the extensive experience which Moin and Fahd bring with them. I particularly love the ‘Live Folio’ as it offers transparency and gives the Tabarruk team further credibility.
— Raj
Nevin Testimonial
I've been a member for a while now and it has been amazing how even starting with a small amount is worth it. I've started investing regularly, by learning and watching how these guys go about researching and investing on the share market. My money is growing and so is my knowledge.
— Nevin
Nevin Testimonial
It has been an excellent and enriching experience getting introduced to the fascinating world of stock markets through Moin and Fahd, and learning to invest in it. I stumbled across their website by chance, but since then have been closely following their ideas, strategies and analysis of companies in their portfolio. I am very satisfied with the rapid progress I have made in my own journey, and the credit for a large part of that success goes to them. I wish them both all the best on their journey to take Tabarruk to greater heights, in sha Allah!
— Shaz
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Since our last update, the markets have been volatile, mainly due to the Russia-Ukraine tensions and inflation / rate rises. The Australian market seems mostly unaffected in comparison to the US. The NASDAQ fell almost 10% in the last 10 days and is almost 20% down since the November 2021 highs. The ASX 200 (XJO)

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Our first update for 2022. As we discussed in our last update, 2 months ago.. the markets were heading to all time highs and were due a correction. We are well and truly in one and what the next phase brings is going to be quite interesting. The ASX 200 (XJO) fell from 7,600 way

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Global markets, have had a weak month overall after a period of touching record highs. The ASX 200 (XJO) fell from 7,600 all the way down to 7,150 (a drop of 6.5%) and then rallied back to 7,450 before ending the month at 7,323 range. Companies are continuing to release quarterly updates.  We spoke previously

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