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2020 folio Live
Stock Cost Value Today Profit
YOU $1,995 $1,356 31%
WOT $16,037 $50,370 193%
MA8 15 more stocks → 60%
LOL $5,641 $13,960 147%
CYA $2,000 $3,563 73%
Total $82,242 $132,148 60%

First purchase made on 10th March, 2020

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Manoj Testimonial
I didn’t know anything about the ASX stock market until I joined Tabarruk, in 3 months I have increased my savings and self managed super from 25k to 32.3k by going through their resources. The best thing is, I invest by applying what I learn from Fahd and Moin. I really like the stock information and analysis they provide all in one place. It's a no brainer, the best $95 I've spent in 2020. Love it!
— Manoj
Mobinah Testimonial
Tabarruk has given me the skills and knowledge to achieve financial freedom and secure the future for my children. I am new to the share market, however, I have comfort in leveraging off the extensive experience which Moin and Fahd bring with them. I particularly love the ‘Live Folio’ as it offers transparency and gives the Tabarruk team further credibility.
— Raj
Nevin Testimonial
I've been a member for a while now and it has been amazing how even starting with a small amount is worth it. I've started investing regularly, by learning and watching how these guys go about researching and investing on the share market. My money is growing and so is my knowledge.
— Nevin
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July 10, 2020

July Folio Update – Week 2

People generally use the phrases Bull market and Bear market for the upwards and downwards trends. We recently saw the current market trend referred to as the Kangaroo market. 6000 points seems to be a key zone as the market bounces around in it. We’re quite happy with the companies and sectors we’re researching. There

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July 2, 2020

July Folio Update – Week 1

The ASX continues to be in a sideways trend. Broke the 6000 points support level. We’re quite happy with the companies and sectors we’re researching. There are still opportunities to be found for long term value investing. Looking for disruptors and companies that can withstand short term turbulence. We encourage investors to develop the mindset

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June 23, 2020

June Market Update – Week 4

Market appears to be in a sideways trend. Bouncing around the 6000 points support level. The US market corrected on 11th of June (a dip of 5.5% Nasdaq and almost 7% dow jones) The Australian market tends to follow the US often so we might see the same. Worst case some sectors and stocks will

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June 23, 2020

How to register for dividend payments or reinvestment plans with your company shares?

Some companies pay a percentage of their profits as dividends into a bank account you nominate. Another option some companies offer is for your dividends to be allocated to you as additional shares in the company. For long term value investors, both are great options. They enable the compounding effect in growing your wealth. Read

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