How can overseas investors buy shares in Australia on the ASX?

December 8, 2020

With the Australian economy recovering at a steady pace, ahead of many other parts of the world, the interest in global investors looking to invest in Australia is surging.

So, how do regular investors, like us, living outside Australia, or with family and friends interested in investing in Australian company shares?

All you need is:

  • any online broker
  • ability to fund the broker account by bank transfer or card
  • lists Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) equities / stock

Here are some options for that we know of, and members are using around the world, in places like India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, South Africa, USA, Pakistan, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries.

IG Trading

✅   #1 cheapest fee per trade at $6 (but be aware)

✅   Minimal deposit $200

❌   Withdrawal fee $10

Interactive Brokers

✅   Commission based trades

✅   No withdrawal fee

❌   Minimum deposit $10,000

❌   Inactivity fee $10 – $20 per month if account balance less than $2,000


✅   Commission based trades

✅   No withdrawal fee

❌   Minimum deposit $2,000

❌   25 GBP after 3 months of no trades

❌   No live chat or 24/7 support

A lot of these options, for non-Australian residents, would not be able to link a CHESS / HIN to the individual as they would not have a Tax File Number. They would instead hold the shares on your behalf, giving you the legal ownership of them through their holding entity. Because of this, users can’t take part in dividend reinvestment plans.

You can also find more brokers using a broker comparison website like


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