Fahd Dameer

July 23, 2024

Fahd is a co-founder of Tabarruk and brings years of operations, investment, finance, and business analysis expertise to the team. He served in the Australian Defence Force for several years before pursuing his passion for ethical investing.

Fahd Dameer

He uncovers hidden gems on the ASX sharemarket in Australia. Companies not yet recognized due to the market’s lack of interest or misconceptions about the valuation of the company.

His forte is in-depth analysis, research and he’s a firm believer in the underlying fundamentals of a company. He performs regular scans of the market and combines this with a macro and micro-economic outlook.

Fahd has extensive experience in market research and portfolio management to build equity / fixed income which caters to different risk tolerances and investors.

He obtained a Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering from RMIT and an MSc in Management Specialising in Banking and Finance from the University of Wales. His fascination with ethical finance started from his first Thesis when he conducted a Feasibility Study on the ethical models in comparison to the free market model.

He tries hard to avoid anything to do with the technical side of things and leaves it to his co-founder, Moin.

When not at work, Fahd can be seen playing cricket on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, keeping behind the stumps chirping away at the opposing batsmen.


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