3 habits that cost me until I changed them

April 30, 2020

I started investing seriously when I was 21. Even though I had some success, I kept making the same costly mistakes.

Forced to reflect

This made me reflect and come to a bitter conclusion that the success I experienced wasn’t mine to in the first place. It was because I followed my father’s advice. The disasters though, which taught me harsh lessons, were due to my hubris and bad habits.

I had the luxury of being someone who could make these costly mistakes and fall back in the safety net of a family that was supporting me through my university life, paying my fees and boarding. However, this was coming to an end and after a frank conversation with my Dad, who basically told me to pull my head in and that I had to change my habits.

We’re all creatures of habits and routines. Once set in our ways, we build a wall around our comfort zone and like staying within it to keep doing things the same old way. Initially unaware of my family paying the cost of the losses due to my bad habits, then being told to wake up by my father and being forced to look in the mirror was a very unpleasant experience.

I now realize the truth in the maxim that the catalyst any growth is one of two well-trodden paths. The first is change and the second is discomfort.

So what were the 3 habits that were holding me back and how did I get rid of them? Read on…

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